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Bob Riazzi, Executive Director

The past several weeks have been challenging. I have experienced a full scale of emotions as we live with caution, concern, and heightened awareness of how our actions may impact or protect our families, friends, and colleagues – a sentiment that I am sure is echoed by many of you. Some of you have dealt with devastation due to COVID-19 and my heart goes out to you. Many have been able to see the silver lining and I applaud your vision and optimism. I am hopeful that these silver linings become for us what defines this time when we look back. 

The call of The Dream Come True Foundation is loud and continues to grow. Currently, we must confront the impact of COVID-19 as it intensifies the strain for people determined to break out of poverty and in need of assistance. Now, more than ever, our mission is crucial. 

I am delighted to join The Dream Come True Foundation and excited to support its important mission. The team is extraordinary and I look forward to working together to impact the community in a big way by further disrupting the cycle of poverty and supporting those determined to achieve their dreams.

I spoke with all of the active Dream Achievers during my first couple of weeks and learned a lot about their experiences, goals, needs, and how they have been handling the impacts of current COVID-19 actions and precautions. While their stories and backgrounds were unique, they communicated a common, unifying message of the richness in confidence that is helping to transform them. What I heard from each Dream Achiever was, "I am privileged to have someone proud of me". What a powerful message. 

Sam Myers, one of our Dream Come True Foundation Board Members, shared the following with me as related to the remarkable pay-it-forward mentality of our Dream Achievers - “When you move a talented visionary person from poverty to independence and success, you have a citizen and a neighbor and a teacher and a care giver and an engineer and an attorney who will stop at nothing to make the rest of the world a better place". I am humbled to be part of that. 

Poverty is a fundamental issue that touches all of us. And I believe we all have a place in the solution. 

Thank you for your support of The Dream Come True Foundation. I welcome your ideas, input, and your feedback. 



Bob Riazzi

Dream Achievers

Our Dream Achievers are at the heart of our mission. We work with them to break the cycle of poverty forever in their lives, and their family's lives. Read more about our current Dream Achievers.

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The Dream Come True Foundation's Board of Trustees are committed to poverty alleviation in our region. Through their efforts, we're able to manage current issues, with a clear vision toward the future.