Fun Fit Families

Gathering our community to promote health and happiness

Fun Fit Families is a new program that emerged from the idea of Dream Come True becoming more interdependent so that we could thrive and grow both personally and organizationally. We have the spirit and strength to be healthy, productive individuals of society. We have the knowledge to help our teammates “pass Go,” as they say in Monopoly, collecting tokens that move them forward. 


Even better, we can enrich each other’s lives through greater interaction. The purpose of Fun Fit Families is to gather our community in an environment that promotes health and happiness. More specifically, we aim to provide healthy ideas that can easily be replicated at home. 

A Special Thank You

The Dream Come True Foundation wishes to express our gratitude to Cheyenne Richards, who provided the inspiration and leadership for the creation and launch of our Fun Fit Families program. Fun Fit Families provides our Dream Achievers with incredible ideas and resources for living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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