Thank You From The Field of Dreams Team

What a wonderful evening we had at the Field of Dreams party on Thursday, September 15th. We had a great silent auction, a fun spread of food, and the fantastic Kay and Friends band playing so many great sports-themed tunes and joined by Dream Come True executive director and cellist Galen Wixson. We lost count of how many teams were represented, but we definitely saw a lot of burnt-orange and red white and blue being worn.

We want to thank the following people and companies for their time, work, donations, sponsorships, and moral support in putting together the Field of Dreams


  • Eugene Sepulveda - our Dream Achiever Award Winner - thank you for your inspiring words. We couldn't have chosen a more deserving person.

  • Bertha Zepeda, Dream Achiever

  • Amy Sint, mentor

Event Leadership

  • Michelle Cooper, our event chair, did an incredible job in harnessing the resources needed to put it all together;

  • Amy Hayes put together a beautiful silent auction (executed with some pretty fun technology);

  • Sam Myers, is not only a great board president, but also provided his special brand of quiet guidance to the planning team;

  • Teri Ruffino did the impossible in keeping the silent auction and table seating organized;

  • Eric Fry was our Fund The Need auctioneer and was terrific. His wife Karen, helped in so many areas, and her new business, Dream Bakery, made some pretty amazing cupcakes;

  • Vicki Fuentes, kept us updated with the Round Rock Express and organized our appearance at Dream Come True day at Dell Diamond

  • Board members Rick Cloud, Carol Kallendorf, and Jack Speer pitched in all along the way.

Sponsors - Our sponsors not only committed dollars, but filled tables! Thanks to all of you for your incredible generosity!

  • Capital Factory

  • SunPower


  • Delta Associates

  • The Porter Company

Contributing Companies

  • Label Collective

  • Dream Bakery

  • Fit To Tweet

  • FARE

  • Austin Batting Cages


  • Randy Stevens

  • Ryan Hayes

  • Devaki Knowles

Volunteers - Your hard work was so valued. We couldn't have done it without you!

  • Kathy and Victor Moriole

  • Cohl Walla

  • Anthony Marcello

  • Paul Montalbano

  • Tanner Witt

  • Claudia Yanez

  • Chelsea Beck

  • Alex Pais

  • Preston Hamby

  • Kelly Curnow

  • Whitney Torres

I'm sure there are others that were involved that I'm forgetting in this post. There were so many people that helped and we are incredibly grateful.

Stay tuned for more news of events and accomplishments. With your help, we're beating poverty, one Dream at a time!

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