Meet Chiquita Board

Meet Chiquita Board (pictured with her granddaughter, Sarai), Dream Come True Foundation's Director of Program Services. Chiquita has been with DCTF for almost a year now, and has made a huge impact on our effectiveness on Dream Achievers and our reach into the community. We love her infectious energy! A quick Q & A to learn more about Chiquita...

What attracted you to join the staff of Dream Come True?

The mission of the organization: to lift individuals of high potential out of poverty through mentoring, financial assistance, and access to community partnerships. By design, our wraparound model stresses accountability to ensure retention and goal attainment. That was attractive to me.

Who are some role models that you admire and why?

First and foremost, my late grandfather, great grand-mother, and my mom are my role models. My strong family heritage is what I admire. Recently I created my family tree online and discovered so much rich history over 5 generations and 135 years. Education is what my family valued and this influenced five generations of educated descendents.

What impact do you see Dream Come True having on the lives of our Dream Achievers?

Based on my involvement with the Dream Achievers, the one resounding impact is the wraparound component. The mentoring is priceless and is what stays with Achievers. I marvel at ongoing interactions with past and current Achievers. During our holiday gathering, Eric Mothes, a DCTF graduate, emphasized how his mentor turned his life completely around because he had no father figure. He believed in his dreams to become a teacher. He and Dream Come True found each other, and his mentor changed his life. They remain in close contact still and he praises how the DCTF model helped him when he had no other options. In fact, he would not have accomplished his goals if it were not for DCTF.

Why should someone donate to Dream Come True?

The mission, the cause, and the purpose is to alleviate poverty. If this is your passion, then we have a model that is progressively trending upwards in beating the tentacles of poverty. Our goal is to find 8 to 10 new families in 2017. In 2016, Dream Come True's program services department held 22 events; we had 223 volunteers who worked at these events, with a total of 1,182 volunteer hours with a dollar value of $118,200 (equivalent to half our of actual operating budget). We have 12 couples serving as mentors, added 5 new couples of mentors, 6 single mentors, and our 2017 strategic focus is on expanding our Veteran Apprentice program to 10 Veterans and adding other skilled trades to meet the demand for workers. Your donations help us provide financial assistance so that Dream Achievers do not have to work many part-time jobs while finishing school. We also provide for unexpected emergencies.

Will you make a $25 gift today to help Chiquita make a bigger impact?

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