Board Members, Program Services Director Attend Veteran Job Fair

Last week, Chiquita Board, Jack Speer, and Sam Myers joined the Texas Workforce Commission at Workforce Solutions for a Veterans Job Fair. They were among employers, state agencies, and veteran job seekers, and were able to connect with a number of veterans who have served, continue to serve, and are seeking their dream jobs as they adjust to civilian life. We are thankful for their leadership, and look forward to giving back to the veterans that have given so much to us!

Casey Wade (Texas Workforce Commission), Chiquita Board (DCTF), and Jack Speer (DCTF Co-Founder) connect for a great photo (right). We are so grateful to Samuel Blanks of Texas Workforce Commission, who has laid the ground work for DCTF to recruit military candidates. Huge thanks to him and his entire team for this opportunity.

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