Amplify Austin starts today!

Amplify Austin starts today!

The Austin community is coming together today to truly amplify local nonprofits that help make our city a better place. Last year the Austin community raised over 9 million in one day! This strong sense of community is one of the many things that makes our city so amazing. Amplify Austin makes it so easy for supporters like you to join your friends, neighbors and fellow Austinites in being a part of something so big and so important.

Why support Dream Come True today?

Dream Come True is an important organization, not only for the lives we continue to change, but for the model we have worked so hard to develop. When a person has a dream of success, and has the strong support, mentoring and networking that we provide, they succeed.

Dream Come True is a family, and when an achiever suddenly has so many amazing people in their lives that truly care about their success, they are lifted and empowered.

Michael Rayos, Dream Achiever Board Member

Michael Rayos is a true inspiration. He came to Dream Come True as a struggling single dad of three who was determined to succeed. Michael joined the Dream Come True family, got the support and guidance he needed, was able to complete his degree in network engineering, and is now working as an IT support specialist

at Indeed. Michael is also giving back to the community by being the first ever achiever to join our board of directors, where he proudly serves on our program services committee.

When you support Dream Come True, you support inspirational people like Michael Rayos.

Please schedule your donation to Dream Come True today and help us reach our goal. We are almost there!!

We have had such an incredible response to Amplify Austin. Thank you to our donors who are an important part of the

Dream Come True family, and who are what makes changing so many lives possible!

Dream Come True is fortunate to have strong volunteers on our team. Please take a moment to visit the Dream Come True

United Way, Hands on Central Texas page to learn about volunteer opportunities such as becoming a mentor, being an invaluable resource, or helping with our efforts in so many ways.

Visit our website to meet more of the people who work together to make DCTF possible.

Thank you!

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