Dream Come True Welcomes Rebecca Templeton and Mitchell Gutierrez to Our Mentoring Team

Dream Come True couldn’t be more thrilled that Rebecca and Mitchell have chosen to be a part of our mentoring team, where their experience and expertise will help give Dream Achievers the high-quality support they need. Both Rebecca and Mitchell bring with them the personal understanding of some of the challenges our Achievers face, and the knowledge of how to overcome those obstacles and achieve success.

Mitchell Gutierrez

Mitchell Gutierrez is an acute care-gerontology nurse practitioner who currently works for Austin Pulmonary Consultants in the intensive care at all three St David’s facilities. Mitchell has completed volunteer work in many different settings such as nursing homes, hospice facilities, clinics for the homeless, and children’s camps for pediatrics with cancer.

Mitchell is the oldest out of eight children, and the first to attend college in his family. From growing up in a poverty-stricken household, he understands the importance of giving back to those in need of help.

Rebecca Templeton works as an Account Manager at an email marketing agency.

As soon as she learned about the Dream Come True's mission, she wanted to become involved. Rebecca understands what challenges our Achievers face and will be an excellent role model for those who share her experiences. Rebecca states, “As someone who grew up in poverty and fought my way out, I know firsthand how important a support network can be.”

Dream Come True is very privileged to have both Rebecca and Mitchell on our team as we work to break the cycle of poverty for good!

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