Meet Ryan Garner

We are pleased to announce the election of Ryan Garner to the DCTF Board of Directors.

When asked to give some insight into his background, Ryan states,“I’ve spent my career building stuff for the web. I’ve been a developer, a project manager, a “software architect”, a director of product, and an executive in charge of a 60+ person product development group.

During my time at Warner Music, we built north of 75 websites and eCommerce stores a year for some of the most talented and well known musicians on earth. During my time at JetBlue, I had the privilege of building stuff for one the coolest airline startups ever. I built stuff for I worked on the original version of JetBlue’s loyalty program. I worked on one of the first airline “flight trackers” to ever use Google Maps. They still use a version of it today, and it’s still super cool.

Bottom line is, I love building digital products. It’s defined a large part of my life. My dad was a DEA agent. My mom was a teacher and school district administrator. I tell my 4 year old son that I build products for the web. He has no idea what that means, but he’ll figure it out someday.

Ryan Garner is the co-founder of Clearhead. He oversees optimization programs for all of Clearhead’s amazing clients. When he’s not busy validating hypotheses or raising his two young sons, his favorite hobby, like so many in Austin, is talking about how awesome Austin is.”

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