COVID-19 Dream Achiever Impact

Our Dream Achievers have resilience, fortitude, and drive. That is how they are able to commit to simultaneously handling families, schooling, and a job. Add COVID-19 to the mix, and an already challenging life pace can become nearly impossible.

We have been in touch with all our Dream Achievers to express our concern and to understand the impact of COVID-19 on each of them individually.

Many of our other Dream Achievers have assured us they are doing all right – even as they face what had been just weeks ago, unimaginable changes. Some of our Dreamer Achievers are challenged by new financial hardships due to furloughed jobs. As necessary, The Dream Come True Foundation has jumped in to provide temporary emergency financial support for the Dream Achievers with immediate need.

In true Dream Achiever fashion, all our current Dream Achievers are confronting these new challenges with determination. We know the situation will change. We will continue to monitor the well-being of our Dream Achievers and must be able and willing to assist as the need arises.

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