We look for people who are determined to break the bonds of poverty and who have already taken positive steps toward their dreams. We then build the bridge to the resources and support necessary to complete the journey from poverty to success.

The Equation to Success



Going from poverty to a successful career in a high-demand field requires skills and training. Whether our Dream Achievers are enrolled in college or undergoing training in an apprenticeship program, our Achievers are ready for the challenges in their chosen field of work.




Mentoring is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our mentors act as guides to our Dream Achievers, helping them to solve the everyday problems we all face with confidence. We often provide both personal and professional mentors to our Achievers so that they have the resources they need for every circumstance they may face.


Financial Support


We don't provide handouts. Our Dream Achievers are required to focus on their education during their Dream Achiever experience, and we allow Achievers to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Our financial assistance packages are designed to cover the gap between what is needed to live and what Achievers are able to earn.


Workforce Development


Through workforce development we prepare our Dream Achievers with needed skills through targeted education, training, and employment support that allows them to improve their opportunities for employment and helps guarantee success in the workplace. 


Community Partnerships


Our partners help us to design education and career tracks that move our Achievers as quickly as possible to successful outcomes. Our partners include


Austin Community College

Austin Coding Academy  

Delta Associates

Capital IDEA

Tarrytown United Methodist Church

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What We Believe

At The Dream Come True Foundation, we stand for dreaming big. We stand for equality in a world that allows ANYONE to go after their dreams. We believe Black Lives Matter. 


Equality and opportunity have always been cornerstones of our core beliefs, but now we focus on them more than ever. Standing together, we believe in…  


  • Equality. We believe in creating opportunities for success for ALL people, particularly those challenged by poverty with the dream to prosper. 

  • Dreaming big. We believe in going after dreams and working together to make them come true.

  • Building confidence. We believe through courage, grit, hard work, and compassion our Dream Achievers can build the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

  • Independence. We believe in passionately supporting our Dreamers’ visions of financial independence and well-being. 

  • Togetherness. We believe mutual respect, shared goals and all-in commitments support our intimate partnerships.  


We believe we can’t be neutral in situations of continued injustice. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our Dream Achievers and in our community.

How We Help

Dream Achiever

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Dream Achiever
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Our Place in the Community
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Dream Come True Mentor
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